What’s next if you are not suitable for Selfie Aligners?

Sometimes the best treatment for you is seeing a dentist in person.

Selfie Aligners are a great alternative to braces for mild-moderate cases. Providing safe and effective treatment is our top priority, which means we have a strict criteria to assess each and every customer for our aligners, to make sure we will be a great fit.


Unfortunately, not everyone meets these strict criteria, which puts us in the unpleasant position of having to deliver bad news to some hopeful customers. At Selfie, we genuinely want to help everyone discover their smile, whether they are suitable for Selfie aligners or not. This is why we have curated a list of the top dentists and orthodontists all over Thailand, and are working to develop close relationships with them, to benefit those who come to Selfie for help but whose treatments are too complex to be treated by us.


If Selfie is not right for you, we will advise you of how complex we believe your case is, your potential treatment options, and whether we believe your case is suitable for treatment by a general dentist or if referral to a specialist orthodontist would be required. We will also recommend dental professionals in your area, whom we have researched and believe provide treatment to a high standard. We will provide an estimate of your treatment costs and even organize the initial consultation with them if you wish. Selfie does not receive any payment from the dentists/orthodontists that we recommend, which allows us to remain impartial and only recommend the best professionals to provide your care. You can be assured that when you choose Selfie, you are always in safe hands.


How can Selfie aligners benefit you ?

See how simple it is to straighten your teeth.

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