Refund and payment policy

For Clinic customers only

Soon after your dental consultation, our dentists will review your case, and you’ll receive the final results of your suitability for Selfie Aligner Treatment. 


If you are assessed as suitable for clear aligners:

  • And selected a payment plan, we will proceed to design a 3D simulation of your customized treatment plan. 

  • If you still need to select your payment plan, we will need this confirmation to proceed with creating the 3D simulation of your customized treatment plan.

  • After you receive your treatment plan, our team will be on standby to address any questions you may have.

  • Once you have received your treatment plan, we will begin producing your custom aligners, and a refund will no longer be available.


If you are assessed as not suitable for clear aligners:

  • If you have already paid in full / selected the instalment plan, but was assessed as not suitable for clear aligners, we will refund you the full amount.

Impression Kit Return/Refund Policy

As we are not able to use the Starter Kit or Impression Kit for anyone else, we do not accept returns on either the Starter Kit or the Impression Kit. Once we receive your Consent to Treat Form and Medical/Dental History, your Starter Kit order has been processed and cannot be refunded. If you have a question regarding your order, or otherwise need to contact us, you may do so at:

If you send back a starter kit with distorted or unusable impressions, we will, at your option, send you an additional starter kit for free, or advise you to book a dental consultation. 

Exchange Policy

If you believe you have received a defective product, please reach out to us at  to request a replacement. All requests will be reported to our Quality Assurance Team for investigation.

Last Revised: February 2021

Your privacy is important to us. We need your data just for the important processes or services. Please allow if you accept the terms of privacy to comply with PDPA.